AirPropel specializes in travel to the Bahamas and the Caribbean for people and pets. Fly to the Bahamas for a weekend getaway, or fly to the Virgin Islands, Angulla, Nevis, St. Martin, or any other Caribbean island for that aaah vacation in the sun.

Although we know the Caribbean, our aircraft fly anywhere in the world. We believe private charter should be about luxury, convenience, and privacy. Your private flight aircraft will be waiting at the airport of your choice and you will not be detoured through hub airports.

Keep your shoes and belt on and go directly to your luxury jet or aircraft. There won’t be a line to stand in – just you and your invited guests all the way! Along with private air charters, we also provide water charters and event planning, in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and in south Florida.

Receive the ultimate travel experience with private charter aircraft. Go direct to the airport most convenient to your needs eliminating hubs and unnecessary routes. From the continental US, fly directly to St Thomas Airport, San Juan Airport, St Croix Airport… you get the idea. Any airport of your choice. Luggage check-in and baggage fees simply don’t exist. Stretch out and enjoy the spaciousness. Aircraft charter travel is a step beyond first class all the way.

At AirPropel, we know that time is a meaningful and valuable commodity. Traveling private aircraft charter will give you the time to get business accomplished and still be back at home by the end of the day. If it’s relaxation you seek, go directly to that ahhh moment, quickly, comfortably, and safely. Business or pleasure, you will arrive at your destination feeling rested and ready for what lies ahead. AirPropel offers simplicity and convenience leaving your mind free for what’s important to you. Personalized service is at its very best.